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7stack casino

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I'll tell you a little about hooks. I was interested in the player and the projection of the player through the character in any kind of game, whether it's an adventure game or a skill-and-action game.

One of the things I've experimented with is giving the pro- jection of the player some volition in addition to merely being controUal by the joystick.

For example, if you take a three second pause while playing Alley Cat, the cat kind of takes off on his own.

He starts meowing and moving around by himself. You have to constantly be aware. Through the pauses you become aware that the cat has a per- sonality of his own, rather than you feeling that you have an inanimate thing that you have to animate through some force of will.

It's a cooperative effort. Obviously the proportions of that can change. We're experimenting with a teamwork approach.

I'm very interested in the whole 42 AHOY! In order to be really suc- cessful in games, you have to engage players on all levels of expertise.

The way that games have tradi- tionally done this is to present a learning curve. When you first enter the game you say, "This is trivial, no problem at all.

Unfortunately, what happens with a linear set-up like this, each game becomes repetitive. You have to work through the problems that you've solved already.

So the question is, how do you get the game to engage you at the level you want to play? I don't want to level-orient games at all.

I think that's an artificial distinction. When you play Monopoly, you never play it on levels. The initial stages of the game change every time you set up the game board.

Exactly, and they change on the basis of who is playing against you. So, how do you make a level- less computergame that is engaging, that has some way of rewarding the better player and yet brings along the player that isn't that experienced?

The way we've done it is to divide the game into episodes. Sentinel is rated according to how quickly the episode takes place, what the number of hits was versus the number of shots fired, what the basic tactics are, how much movement there was of the joystick, at what level did the ship come in toward you, what speed was their rapidity of fire, what other obstacles were there?

There are many other factors built into the equation. Based on these factors, we change the kind of objects that come toward you, what kinds of things they do in reference to how quick they are, what their patterns are, how many engagements you have.

Every minute that you play, the game makes intrinsic judgements that gear the game to level of play. In another game, we present a firing pattem that shoots one bolt at you, then backs off and circles around you.

As you build more and more in- telligence into the attacker, there will be patterns that he goes through based on what your reactions are.

The game notices if you try to center in a particular way and it will call up a pattem based on what your strategy has been thus far. You can use that then to stay a step ahead?

And that's an intuitive decision; it's not something explicit. You can bluff the computer. If you're rated on the basis of every minute, how can you plan a strategy that will fool the computer into shooting where your character is not.

This is where I think that computergames begin to diverge from videogames: And that is your answer to the problem of maintaining the interest of players of unequal ability or experience?

Each game you play is completely different. This is the first step in deter- mining how to make the computer react to you as an individual. You said before that the response is in- tuitive on the part of the player, not explicit.

Could you expand on that? When you're talking about the building blocks of games, you have to engage people aurally and visually.

I don't care if people intellectually under- stand what's going on or not. The most effective learning in anything that we do comes on a subliminal basis.

Every time you hear that warning siren, a certain kind of emotional response is evoked. The designer must take all sorts of elements into ac- count and really think about them.

The designer must ask himself: Is there some kind of subliminal learning and response matrix being set up as you're designing the game all the way through?

If the game looks good, that's fine. That'll engage some people who are visually oriented. However, if the game doesn't have playability, it will ultimately fail, and it will dis- appoint the people that it impressed in the first place.

In fact, it wUl disappoint them more than if it didn't promise them as much in the fu-st place. You use humor to elicit an emotional response in the player.

What other elements are employed? Well, for one thing, I feel that to the greatest extent possible, the control of the game should be in- tuitively obvious.

The game should not have a cumbersome overlay. For instance, if, in order to A light-hearted game based on a classic of tragic pro- portions: Shamus 2 is the sequel to Shamus, the best-selling shoot- 'em-up that dispatches a futuristic detective on a room-by-room search for the mysterious Shadow.

This time a map has been provided. If you pull the joystick back with the button pressed, you should notice what happens and say, "Okay, yeah, that's what should happen.

The Commodore 64 employs Atari-type joysticks. Do you wish you could design to more complex controllers, such as the Intellivision controllers?

I don't know if I like that type of design because, while it is a nice package and it gives you multiple unctions, it does require that one hand has to make discriminations that might not be made quickly enough in real time.

In the coin-op Discs of Tron, there is one control that directs where your discs are to go and another one that controls the player.

That's a very nicely designed game. It has taken multiple controllers and made them integral to one another. You're saying then that overly-complex controls can interrupt the player's emotional involve- ment in a game?

You wouldn't turn on the lights in the middle of a movie, because that is going to reorient the moviegoer to the audience around him.

In game design, you have to look at everything that is going on in very precise detail and understand what part of that process is important to the game, and what part interrupts.

If you keep on forcing people to do something that they don't want to do, the game is not going to be successful. Oh, it may be marginally successful, but there will be complaints about it, some not fully verbalized.

Complete involvement is obviously very important to you. Whether the game is skill-and-action or whatever, the object is to create an experience that is so totally engrossing that it provides a way for peo- ple to experience their lives differently.

I'm now designing a game called Enigma. You find yourself on a desert island. You're face down in tlie sand. You don't know who you are or why you're there.

It's a game of discovery. A completely textual game? I'm trying to incorporate a totally interac- tive environment.

On the basis of what you do, objects will exist and situations wUl evolve. Whoever plays the game will have com- pletely different experiences.

Will there be any dead-ends? No, not at all. There will be a structure that wiU vector the person toward things to happen, meeting characters and so forth, that lead to a conclusion.

To the same conclusion, ultimately? No, There is a possibility of many conclusions. This is a game of discovery.

It is not a puzzle or a riddle that you have to solve in only one way. Back to the unfortunate wretch in the sand: Say, a shoe salesman from Philadelphia, whether he panics or digs or swims or whatever?

Sure, but I think that the fact that he's labeled a shoe salesman is almost irrelevant. It's the experience of discovering that you're a shoe salesman and the various ways you can do that.

For instance, I could remember that I'm a shoe salesman by someone handing me a note that reads: What is it that is compelling about being a shoe salesman?

Perhaps the fact that you discover who you are is irrelevant to the game. The ex- periences that are presented to that end are the im- portant thing.

The human mind tends to try to create patterns and to inject meaning where there may not be meaning. But with the addition of experience, new information, a different interpretation is possible, a whole new in- terpretation.

So how do you manipulate that creation of meaning, since there is no ultimate resolution? Is there an enormous following for textual adventures?

We're a visually-oriented society. Until we can engage people with language and interpreting language, these games are not going to achieve tremendous popularity.

You have to make certain assumptions about your audience, and the audience that enjoys reading is a relatively small one.

However, it happens to be fairly congruent to the au- dience that has computers, so we're lucky in that sense. But I do feel that it is going to allow us to exploit the maximum power of the computer.

The problem with computer graphics is twofold: I'm more interested in having the game play you than you playing the game.

We're calling them Microworlds. And you have novelists at work on them? In fact we do, but I can't tell you who they are because we haven't signed all of the contracts.

You go this way and someone says, "You can't go that way. It totally stops the ex- perience for me. We're going to have to work with some of those obstructions until we can solve some of the problems: Just putting the computer's power to better use.

We're addressing the problem with our cocktail party game. It has hardly any physical space at all. Rather, you go from person to person.

You overhear things, you say certain things and later hear varia- tions of what you said come back. Characters remember certain things, forget others.

The most intricate puzzle is not a Ruble's Cube, it's a person. And it's a character that changes. When you read bad fiction, the character comes in, he interacts with alot of people, and he goes out ex- actly the way he came in.

When you read a Tolstoy novel, the character is totally different at the end of the novel than when he came in at the beginning.

And that's what we're trying to do. There is no reason why you have to be the same person during a game either.

You could have a changeling-type game, where you're a person at one point, you're a dog at another, a bat at another. Or you could begin the game placid and logical, and by the end you're a crazed murderer.

Then your responses would change and so would the responses of the characters you interact with. If you kick someone you probably can't expect too much help from them.

One of the first videogames to attract female players on a wide scale was Pac-Mcm. Why do you suppose that was, and why do you think women are less involved with video and com- putergames than men.

Lx oking back, you can interpret something in any number of ways. You can find a pattern in Pac-Man that was cosmically introduced or that, syn- chronistically, society was ready for.

You can do anything you want. Once things are done, you can say "Ah yes. The pattern is obvious. I think it was the learning curve.

In that game, there's no ambiguity. It seems like a trivial task, something that is easily done. There's instantly alot of control.

It's no big deal. Whereas in other games, the decision pace may be too fast. Someone who has never been involved in that particular game says, "That game is too fast.

I can't leam it. I don't think you can sexually differentiate other than that women belong to the category of videogame players that have not played alot.

Are computergame sales going the way of the videogame business: The analogy I make is that computergame com- panies are equivalent to the recording artist.

For ex- ample, Elton John is the equivalent of Synapse, rather than a particular programmer. I think people are relying more and more on companies to develop good games, because there is such a proliferation of garbage.

Success really depends on how well you can understand what people want at a par- ticular time. You must be able to an- ticipate where the world is going to be and match it.

And the trick is matching it and leading it to something new. You match a person's expectations and say, "Okay, I got you. Now let me show you something else.

Would you care to speculate on future game technologies such as laserdisc players interfaced with home computers? It all has to do widi how quickly you can branch, and how many branches you can generate at one time.

Until laserdiscs are used as a mass storage medium with much faster processors, there is going to be very limited interaction. There are prescribed branches, and that's boring.

You're committed to a particular course of action. When they play Dragon's Lair, many people don't even know whether they've moved the joystick correctly until they've sunk about twenty five dollars into it.

New styles are beginning to emerge, and they're not "Move the cursor, shoot the dot. We're only now developing brushes.

You will beat the dealer if you play Blackjack correctly. In dozens of foreign countries throughout the world. They haven't changed the rules. Even multiple-deck games pose no problem if you play properly.

You can win just as easily in as you could in when the first Blackjack strategies were created. This ad is your cue to join the small group of Blackjack players who are no longer gambling.

Become a strategy player and win. The Obstacle Despite the wild claims made by the Blackjack system charlatans, it is not possible to learn an effective strategy overnight.

Learning an effective strate- gy takes time and discipline. If learning a strategy were easy, everyone would be making a living playing Blackjack.

As it stands, less than one percent play well enough to make money. The display screen depicts the top view of a Blackjack table.

You interact with the program just as you would an actual game. Computer controlled players occupy adjacent seats. All events occur in real-time.

This spectrum of strategies allows you to select a strategy that suits your needs. If your decisions are incorrect within the guidelines of your strategy, the system will display error messages showing you the correct decisions.

The strategies encompassed by the system were developed using com- puters. The more complex strategies are among the most powerful ever devised.

Complete documentation is included which tells you everything you need to know to become an expert strategy player. When you buy software from SOTA, we do our utmost to make sure you get your money's worth.

Although not as compre- hensive as the original 32K program, the VIC 20 version does teach Basic Strategy - a must for the Blackjack strategy beginner!

Send coupon or facsimile to: The user selects a word the computer ad- monishes the user not to let it see the word and the computer also selects a word.

With the player guessing first, computer and play- er take turns in guessing letters which the other's word might con- tain.

The object is obviously to correctly guess the computer's word before it guesses yours. The program contains five thousand words to which you can add more , and there are four levels of difficulty.

My 64 was quite good at this game; it took me a while to be able to beat it on the first level. As we see-sawed victory and de- feat, I decided to choose the hu- man option of cheating.

Each time my 64 guessed a letter, I told it that its guess was incorrect. About the fifth time, it told me my re- sponses were not, say, kosher.

I relented, saying that I had made a mistake on previous turns. It pointed out that I was contradic- ting myself, but, like the good sport that I know it to be, gave up— "I'll give you the benefit of the doubt," it said.

The citizens have been ad- vised to cluster on the rooftops of the buildings, there to await res- cue. You have commandeered a fleet of zeppelins.

You must fly over the city, scoop up the popu- lace, and deposit them in the envi- ronmental protection centers. There are two versions of gameplay.

In the first or practice mode, the sky is clear, free of ob- stacles. In the normal mode, the sky is filled with acid rain-encum- bered clouds.

Should your Zeppe- lin touch a cloud, you will ex- plode, crash, and kill everyone aboard. Crashing into a cloud: Also, brushing one of the ci- ty structures spells doom for your gasbag.

If you are looking for a fast ac- tion game, you will not find it in Zeppelin Rescue, for, true to life, the ship is ponderous and method- ical. But as far as suspense and entertainment go, this game is a winner.

While the laid-back pace may be frustrating at first, the game becomes involving and entertaining as the game progres- ses and as the required skills are learned.

Tactics as well as coordi- nation will be needed to maneuver around the clouds and skyscrapers, and to keep your zep refueled. Surely there are computergame fans who are turned off by the hell-for-leather pace of most games or would prefer rescuing people to blowing them away.

Since the game activity is limited, only the buyer can determine if it justifies a purchase. Why, the very name of the enemies in this game makes one want to rescue the poor people from their gruesome grip.

The object here is to rescue eighteen people who are marooned in a city that is under attack from the Slimehordes.

One by one, you must pick up the unfortunates with your needlefighter and transport them to the City of New Hope Once all of the city dwellers are successfully transported to New Hope, the volcano Dragonmaw erupts and begins to flood the city with lava.

Once again, you must air-lift the citizens past the laser fields of Straak to the Verdann fortress. The screen scrolls horizontally. The gamefield is large enough to attract continuous interest but not so large as to boggle the player's mind.

What will boggle the player is the busy nature of the game: Not much strategy in- volved, but plenty of reflex, and the graphics are not slimy at all- in fact, they're very pretty.

In early stages of the game, aliens make recon- naissance passes at the sphere, but as the action progresses, they be- gin to drop continent-obliterating bombs on its helpless denizens.

Your job is to blast them, that job becoming more difficult as the game wears on. An orbit is an orbit is an or- bit; you endlessly circle the globe while your enemies approach and fall away.

The one skill you must evolve is the ability to aim and time your fire; this is not an easy task, since you are moving and the aliens are moving.

While you are honing that skill, you will watch whole continents on the planet's surface disappear under the alien barrage.

Once you have mastered the skill, however, you will watch your interest in the game disappear. Most games of this type offer either a cockpit view total point of view, your ship is not visible or the p.

In MothersMp, your view is parallel with that of the ship's. This can serve to confuse you, obscure your view of the enemy, and interfere with your fire.

Also, you are not shooting lasers, but rather a plasma torpedo which is slow and hard to aim. After dealing with the armada, you will progress to the second level, where you fight your way to the control room of the Moth- ership in a multilevel climb-and- shoot scenario and attempt to take command of her.

The graphics in this game are quite good, with depth and imagi- nation. The gameplay is highly varied— more like three games in one.

Mothership offers a real chal- lenge in each of its chapters sepa- rated by an annoying return to the menu each time— a minor irritant and an overall narrative and goal.

Recommended for the player who is looking for a challenge, but be prepared to spend some time with it: You have managed to penetrate his lair, but now you must hunt him down through the 32 rooms on each of the four lev- els while defending yourself fixim whirling Drones, Robo-Droids, Snap-Jumpers and, of course, the Shadow himself.

The Shadow's lair is essentially a maze, with each room and con- necting corridors revealed one portion at a time. Not only are there three levels of play, but you have a choice of three characters to portray: Marlowe, Bond, or Clouseau.

The layout of the maze changes with each new character. The object of the game is to pene- trate to the deepest core of the lair and to discover the Shadow's "secret.

Each time you enter a room you will be as- saulted by too-many of the Sha- dow's minions, each scrambling about and trying to make you one with the universe by blowing your brains out.

Even if you clear a room of enemies, should you return to that room, you will be greeted by more of them.

You must be careful not to touch the walls zap! Occa- sionally the Shadow will attack you; with several well-placed sal- vos you can smn not kill him, but you must be careful not to touch him zap!

While you are engaged in combat with the Shadow and his henchmen, you must look for "clues" question marks which can help or hinder you — you never know which and "keys" which will propel you deeper into the maze.

All this you must do while keeping track of your position in the maze. Shamus, long a best-seUer in other computer versions, is reaUzed with Synapse's customary wit.

Your Shamus pads about the maze on happy feet, despite all the chaos. Musical flourishes, such as the on- going strains of "As Time Goes By," accompany the action.

The graphics are flicker-free and colorful. The directions recommend that you play Shamus with a friend, so that s he will be able to keep track of your location in the lair.

We echo that recommendation. Still, if you can't find a game-lov- ing friend or don't have one , don't let that stop you: Shamus is a thoroughly enjoyable game with all the action and suspense that both novices and sophisticated gamers will demand.

But Tokyo had been destroyed so many times by Mothra and Rhodan and Ghidra that when it came time to design a game in which winged monsters would devastate a city, Creative Software might have deemed a change of locale necessary.

Thus, it is Manhattan's famed skyline that is the target of munch- ing alien mutants in Save New York, You, as the intrepid hero, must take to the air in your fighter to clear the sky of monstrous vermin.

In addition to the high-flying horrors, you must deal with their metal-eating off- spring, the mutant eggs that land in the city's subway and sewer systems.

Upon hatching, these junior mutants assist their parents AHOY! To clear the httle buggert out, you must land your jet and work your way through the labyrinth of underground passageways.

The pace of Save New York is frantic, the action constant, and the gameplay enjoyable. This is especially true when you play with another person, and have to watch out not only for the aliens, but for your opponent as well.

Another factor that contributes heavily to the frenzy of the action is your fighter's inability to hover. It will always continue to travel in the direction pointed, causing the player whose attention drifts to park from time to time in some- one's living room.

Also, when blasting the aliens, your aim must be true: Some folks wouldn't do it on a bet, but it's a sure bet that anyone who misses this game will be missing out on a good deal of fijn.

C Disk, cassette; Joystick Have you ever played a few notes on one of those electric organs that can back you up with anything from simple percussion to the string, wood, and brass sec- tions of the London Philharmonic?

If so, you know that regardless of 52 AHOY! It's even harder with Dancing Feats. While you wail away on your joystick to program-provided accompaniment, you'll be playing only notes within certain scales determined by your selection of backup elements.

When the chord changes, so do the notes. You can drop to a lower octave by pressing the fire button. The program allows you to pick your own bass, beat, style, tempo, and ending, with four choices for each.

Each time you play a note, a multicolored bar graph climbs quickly to the top of the onscreen staff. This may tempt you to twirl the joystick as quickly as possible, putting the most color onscreen and generating the most notes.

That's enjoyable for awhile, just as listening to KISS is enjoyable for a minute or so. But to produce authentic-sounding music, it's best to establish a simple three-or four- note pattern that's easy to repeat, and change it slightly as you go along, staying in sync with your accompaniment.

The name of each note you play flashes on the screen, as does the name of the chord you're playing in. This feature, among others, makes Dancing Feats something of a painless music teacher.

After all, the program is as talented in many ways as a professional musi- cian, We can hear it now; a slew of new hits by Lionel Richie and the Commodores.

Your ob- jective is to destroy the enemy convoy traveling along the surface while avoiding killer subs. As the game begins, it seems easy enough: But that's only Mission One.

As you advance to successive rounds, the challenge mounts. In addition to enemy subs that dog your steps, you must dodge magnetic mines and depth charges from PT boats.

True to their name, the depth charges will not explode random- ly, but at the depth where your sub is located. Graphics and gameplay are not very elaborate particularly in the VIC version, whose screen is so stark that it barely held my inter- est.

Yet Seafox should not be dis- missed as just another submarine hunt-and-destroy mission. It's always refreshing to find a battle game that incorporates a certain amount of playfulness.

Also, a hungry clam will swim up from the ocean floor to snack on your supplies. While the action isn't very fast paced, it warrants continued play- bg.

My main complaint with the gameplay is that you caimot turn your ship around: Still, this con- straint adds to the strategy involved. The information you store in your database may not lead to as many laughs as hers, but it will be much more accessi- ble and easier to manipulate if you select a program that has the "right stuff.

For one thing, it's an ISAM- based program. This type does its work much more efficiently than sequential filing systems, whose files must be loaded into the computer's RAM before they can be consulted or updated.

This means you can create larger files , characters on a single disk , because there's more room on the disk than the 64K of your com- puter's RAM.

Searching for a specific record or set of records is accomplished faster, too — sequential files take longer because the search proceeds from the beginning of the file to the end, or until the object of the search is located.

Of course, sequential databases have one plus— the data can usually be transferred into your word processor, which also reads and writes sequential files.

But you get that capability with Database Manager, too, because it handily converts any number of records you choose into a se- quential file.

If you have little or even no experience with a database, this makes an excellent first package. The manual provides some of the most concise and comprehensible documentation you'll find anywhere.

A thorough, step-by- step tutorial and a glossary are included for beginners; the reference section enables sea- soned database users to master this system's ins and outs practically overnight.

But just because it's easy to use, don't think this program is oversimplified or lacks flexible and powerful features. The max- imum size of a single record is a whopping 2, characters, and each record can hold up to fields.

Creating the forms that your records are based on is painless. You don't have to specify the number of characters per field; just press the "fi" key and watch a line move across the screen until it's the proper length.

In case you're the forgetful type, the name of the file cur- rently in use is displayed at the top right. A menu remains perched at the top of the screen to re- mind you exactly what each of the function keys does in that particular mode.

Because the menu's always present, you must scroll up and down to view lengthy records. If Joan Rivers were looking for a joke she told at Resorts Inter- national in Atlantic City, she would first move the cursor to the field she wanted to search in each record, then hit the "f5" key.

That would be the "club" field. Then she could review each record whose club field said Resorts International. A far more powerful and useful type of search could be done with Database— the conditional search.

This involves searching for a record containing matches in two or more fields. Joan could type in "Resorts International" for the club field and "Liz Taylor" for the "type of joke" field.

Database would quickly find the first such record. Then she could read the rest of it to find out ex- actly which joke she told the last time she played there— the one about Liz standing in front of the microwave oven and yelling, "Hurry!

Tapping the appropriate function key brings up the next or previous such file. Before reviewing or editing records, it helps to sort them alphabetically in the field your search will be based on.

This is accomplished by moving a cursor to the chosen field and tapping a function key. What could be easier? The capacity for multiple sorts opens the way for sorting a mailing list first by zip code, then last name and first name.

You can save the sorted index to disk, sav- ing time the next time you consult the same file. Calculated fields can be includ- ed to perform basic mathemtical operations on data in a series of fields.

You choose a formula, which might be the equivalent of "add the number in field one to that entered in field two, then put the total in field three.

When it's time to churn out hard copies of your data, several alternatives exist. The first prints a complete copy of each record, or just the ones you select.

You may prefer a list that contains only information from specific fields. Finally, a report generator allows you to title the report at the top of each page, then prints your selected fields in columns with a name of your choice at the top of each.

The only drawback is the in- ability to send control characters to the printer— these could other- wise be used to underline titles and take advantage of your printer's other capabilities.

The biggest database disaster strikes when you've spent weeks building up a huge file, then discover that you need another field for unanticipated data.

With this program, it's possible to restructure the entire file without retyping all that data. Better go to the casino. So people know, how this works is they give you x chips per day.

If you lose those chips you can't play until the next day, or until you purchase chips. I agree … it is free BUT: It is always supposed to be free … the Dev wants to make money with the in app purchase … of course he submits it to the iTunes store for a high price which then gets lowered to 0.

For this reason no deal for me. I stick to my neg. Better get some EA iphone games at the moment which are discounted at the moment you pay a little bit but can't get ripped off in the future.

Worked great for a couple days, but now crashes constantly, most of the time I can not even get it to start!!! Hoped the update would fix this but didn't.

They keep adding new stuff to the game. To bad the game crashes before I can ever play it. Don't waste your money. I have found this game very good on iphone and haven't had any problems at all.

You don't have to buy any chips at all, if you lose it all, you play in a free games until you build up your chips. It is a great game especially for free.

This isn't strictly gambling. Pest control tech for established pest control company. Come in person or call or fax resume to Apply in person, Mon-Fri between We are an equal opportunity employer.

Drive vehicle and ensure safety. Mail resume to P. Box 72, Ridgecrest, CA Part time job, must have drivers license. Warner with some daily activities and exercises at for details gym.

Drive vehicle and Sponsored by ensure safety. Apply in opmental disabilities Mon-Fri Monday-Friday 3: We are an mobile car wash. Part between equal opportunity Ridgecrest Sanitation, time job, must have drivers license.

Our Goal is to complete your project in a safe, expedited and professional manner. E v e r g r e e n Construction, Lic Free estimates, 1- Honest, dependable 7 6 0 - 4 4 6 - 3 4 4 6.

TFN water your plants, bring in your mail. Indoor per day for most jobs. AVOID the most costly mistakes most homeowners make! TFN best price in town.

Vaulted ceiling in Great Room with full-raised hearth fireplace, lg. Dining area off kitchen. Built in and refurbished throughout.

New granite counters in kitchen and bathrooms, new fixtures, new stainless steel appliances, new tile flooring in kitchen and baths, new laminate in living rm.

Beautiful 3BR, 2BA home on lg. Split 4BR, 2BA, 1, sq. Remodeled kitchen complete with new cabinets and granite counter, brick fireplace, expansive master BR and MBR bath, utility rm.

Two includes an office, nook, laundry room, and ily, hobbies, guests, office or? Newly reno- feet shy of 1, sq. New flooring 2BA home in NW area featuring and open ings, new bathroom fixtures, stainless appliand new roof in process, outbuilding for explan and lovely front and back landscaping.

Beautifully land- office built in Nothing spared when ing or updating this beauty in College velopment. Custom 4BR, 2BA 2, sq.

With over 2, sq. Fan- Decorative tile, granite counters, recessed grounds, private sitting areas and brick walk- front porch.

Exquisite interior includes a dream kitchen, upgraded lighting fixtures, tastic open plan boasts solid surface coun- lighting, abundant cabinetry, masonry walls, ways compliment the gorgeous home within.

New plan by JB homes with all the latest energy features. Furniture like cabinets, ceramic and travertine tile, stainless appliances and more.

Dramatic floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, a gourmet kitchen and granite and crown molding throughout. She was on top of the transaction from inception to Closing.

I would absolutely recommend her to family, friends and associates. Hardwood, tile, and carpet and tile flooring. He is extremely pleasant to deal with and very knowledgeable.

I am looking forward to working with Dru and Christine again soon. What a great time to buy! Contact Ronnie Corley today!!

Podell, Certified Medical Examiner. Same day appointments available! Free esti N China Lake Blvd. Ste D mates, www.

All brands, TFN take care of your pets, Bernina certified. TFN per day for most jobs. Free esti- Indian Wells Valley TFN for over 35 years.

TFN Are you motivated? Is listing and selling homes exciting to you? Do you want to keep more of your commission?

Do you want to work in a positive, professional office? I do small repairs. Time to summerize your coolers!

Kitchen with breakfast bar, lots of cabinet space and pantry. Quaint home on fenced lot. Has small basement plus sitting room, bdrm and bath.

Easy access to mining and off roading. Unlimited lab quality prints, share instantly on Facebook and email. Any kind of clean up. Lovely kitchen, great room with fireplace, great master bdrm, covered patio with ceiling fans.

TFN party this summer? Our photo booth is the Have your students perfect entertainment band or orchestra for your event! Your instrument ready for guests will have a fall.

TFN ning or not. TFN sing is a plus. We prefer non OBO. Energy efficient appliances, modern interiors, washer and dryer hookups, spa rkling pool, community community laundry laundry fa cility, gardening gardening area, area, sparkling facility, el evator, a nd so m uch m ore!

Chur Church ch Ave. Ri Ridgecrest, dgecrest, CA Fax: Thursday and Friday Restored classic, great 6: Great views from spacious front porch!

Some original wood floors, updated bathroom. Fenced front yard and detached 2 car garage. Energy efficient with low E windows, on nice cul-de-sac.

New carpet, new paint, new range. Evaporative cooler, ground mounted. SOLAR power, private well, 10 fully fenced acres!

Tennis court, workshop and much more! Home overlooks valley and mountains. Extra large master bdrm. Really cute 3 bdrm, 1. Call Anna Marie W. Lots of nice extras!

New carpet, very nice new paint, faucets, mirrors, toilets, switches, and doorknobs. Shade trees, covered patio, great price!

Large sq ft 4 bdrm in great area. RV parking, block wall fence. Close to town, large fenced pool, great view of mountains!

Lights, electric New Holland E brakes. Trailer the first insertion has less than 1, only. Seats 8- bimini us know. New water or pump and hoses.

Call 1- MULE side by side TFN 4x4 gas powered. Closed Saturday and Sunday. Ridgecrest, CA Office: Toyota of Ridgecrest running car. Excellent employment opportunity for a mature-minded, self-motivated individual with the desire to succeed in the service department.

We provide training for the right person. If you are looking for an excellent working environment and want to be a part of a successful and growing company, please call Bill Wilcox at Doors open at 6: Admission is donation only.

Doors open at 7: Call for info. For more information call Little Deer Durvin at Topics include safety and precautions, the difference between oils, tinctures, teas, and other herbal supplements, and commonly used herbs and oils to support healthy pregnancies and growing families.

Matinee performance, doors open at 3: To schedule an appointment, contact Christina Scrivner Shows start at 7: Network with other business owners while enjoying refreshments and raffles.

We will discuss and resolve community issues that concern Veterans, their dependents and spouses. All Veterans, their dependents and spouses are welcome to come out and contribute ideas and support.

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